1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008

We’ll Live for Ever

Press Report January 1959

Catchy songs were feature of Musical Play

Fog and sickness nearly ruined the opening night of the 1st East Grinstead Group's presentation of a musical play about Scouting, Ralph Reader's "We'll Live Forever," at the Scout Hall on Thursday last week.

An announcement just before the curtain went up told the audience that some members of the cast had failed to get there because of the fog, one or two were ill, and the announcer apologised if, in some parts, continuity was broken as replacements had been given only last minute instructions.

He need not have done so. I for one didn't guess who were the last minute volunteers. True one or two members of the cast forgot their lines, but it is rare in amateur dramatics, especially on first nights, that somebody doesn't.

The show was a wonderful piece of light musical entertain­ment and one or two of the songs if taken up by a Tin Pan Alley publisher could well find their way in the Top Ten.

Norman Connold and David Henson, two of the principal singers, should be congratu­lated on the way they put some of these songs across

Although I give Producer Scoutmaster N. T. Connold and the cast full marks for the effort, the show was too big for them to handle.

The show required a cast of over 30 and altogether there are 19 scenes split up into two acts. To do a show properly on this scale, proper facilities are needed. A big stage, lots oft scenery, etc., and it was plain the Scouts have not these, not  that any one expects them to. It is a mistake many amateur societies make.