1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008

The second half opened with a fine piece of scenery work comprising a boat on a moving base with a projected 'sky' background. This was very attractive and typical of the way in which the spacious and well-equipped school stage was used. For the past three years, the town's Grammar School had been used for the production but in order to accommodate 85 members of the Gang a larger stage was required. So Thursday night was the first time Sackville had housed a Gang Show. Because the Gang prefer to be known as such, it is not possible to single out in­dividual performances which is perhaps a pity as several deserved mention. I am sure Mr. Albert Lee, the Assistant County Commissioner for the North-east Area of Sussex would agree with me for he was among the audience. The show ran for three' days.


Members of The Gang were: Hugh Antrobus. Philip Arm-strong. Robert Atkins, Simon Barnsley, Neil Beney, Ian Bewick, Derry Bewick, Malcolm Bewick, Roy Bond, Peter Boorman, William Brown, Malcolm Buckle, Paul Carter, Michael Chapmam,  Graham Clarke, Stuart Clark,  Fred Cogar, Norman Connold, Edgar Cooper, Michael Cooper, Robert Cooper, John Crowder, Ian Davis, Keith Davis, Bernard Divall,  Barry Dyer, Maxim Dyer, Maxim Dyer. J Peter Fuller, Chris Fur-
minger, Leslie Furminger, Harry Gupwell, Andrew Hall, Doug Hall, Brian Hallam, Arthur Harding, William Hickling, K e n Hinchliffe, Norman Huntley. Eric Lamprell, Ivor Leach, Malcolm Leach, Trevor Leake, Roy Luxford, Simon Marshall, Phillip May, Nigel Miller-Richards, Gary Neal, Philip Newman, Richard Nichols. Alan Pegler, Michael Pendry, Peter Prentice, John Preston, Peter Preston. Graham Pye, Graham Reader, K e v i n Reader, David Rogers, Peter Rood, Nicholas Rose. Peter Rose, Paul Scott, Neil Shoe-bridge, Roland Short, Roland Short, jun., Arthur Simmonds, Andrew Simmons, Peter Sim­mons, Arthur Spain, Malcolm Spalding, John Spencer, Ken Stacey. Stewart Starr, Paul Stonestreet, Pat Swinney.
Michael Tinsley, S t e v e Thair, Colin Thompson, John Turnbull, Keith Twinn, Peter Twinn, Robin Walker, Michael Webster, John White, Michael White.

Assisting in the production were: Producer, Fred Cogar; assistant producer, Norman Connold; production assistant, Barbara Cooper; stage mana­ger, Edgar Cooper; stage staff. George Poet, Joe Simmons, Albert Towns. Peter Thair, Brian Williams-Fuller; Lighting and sound effects , Ken Nichols and Ken Hincliffe, Properties. Audrey Towns, Jane ,Preston; costume mistress, Peggy Nichols; costume assistants, Mesdames Sim­mons, Thompson, Turnbull, Walker and White, Make-up. Sybil Twinn; make-up assistants, Mesdames Ellsniere, Fuller, Neal and Misses Pres­ton and Neal. Publicity, business secretary and box office, Betty Cooper; pianist, Kathleen
Anderson; drums, Terry  Saward; decor, Howard Bayle Edgar Cooper and Joe Sim,-mons; front of house, Betty Cooper and East Grinstead G i r l Guides' Association;
postal bookings, Albert East.