1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008
1965 Marathon Competition

Transcript of E G Courier April 1965  1st East Grinstead take Marathon Honours

There was considerable Scouting activity in the East Grinstead area over last weekend, It was the time of the District Marathon, in which teams of Boy Scouts from all over the area took part.

It was by no means an easy exercise; it in­volved a hike,' including the keeping of  exact logs; camping o u t (actually inside a' Scout hall on this occasion) ; various "inci­dents," and, of course, cooking. Points were awarded, and the winners certainly earned their trophy.

The top team came from the 1st East Grinstead. It was led by Richard Tozer, and made up of Christopher Stroud, Gary Neale and Paul Scott. The second team, led by Tony Lock, also came from the 1st East Grinstead, who have therefore every reason to be satisfied with their efforts.

Of course, the main camping season has yet to start; but the spring-like weather makes it seem nearer and all the groups in the district are making plans. Nineteen sixty five should certainly be an enjoyable season.

A word, too, for another 1st East Grinstead Scout Peter Thair, who has become one of the first Scouts in the area to pass his signals badge. He has mastered his Morse, and can send and receive it reliably at six words a minute, which has involved a great deal of work on his part. During summer camps, Morse may well come in very useful indeed.