1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008
East Grinstead Boy Scouts 1912 with a Glider constructed by Patrol Leader George Smith and Thomas Beard  Left to Right are Stanley Smith, Valentine Hounsome, A Smith, George Smith and Tom Beard

Several flights were enjoyed by the various members of the party, and then a heavy landing broke a strut. We had plenty of spare parts, and while repairs were being carried out, someone was sent for" Doctor" (the Scoutmaster) ; he arrived just as the glider was being placed in position for another flight and said he was going to have it. Towing teams got in position. " Doctor " took his place between the lifting bars, bent down, lifted up the machine and promptly found himself about 30 feet up in the air, hanging down by his arms underneath the wings. Luckily the towing team held on, and the " Doctor" was pulled down to land intact.
Numerous flights were enjoyed until finally, after one exceptionally good glide, the machine was brought up to the top of the hill, dumped down and, for some reason, everyone let go of it. In an instant the wind caught it up and rolled it off across the field. Although not severe, damage was too extensive for emergency repairs. Glider No. 2 lasted through 1912, and proved a good machine - for preliminary gliding.