1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008

Insurance Problems

Following the fires it  was later established that there was problem with the insurance cover for the building. These details are best set out as disclosed in the following press reports;
Transcript of E G Courier 28 Oct 1982


ONE OF Britain's oldest scout troops is fighting for survival and faces a long and expensive legal battle before it can rebuild its burnt out headquarters in Moat Road, East Grinstead.

Up until a month ago 1st East Grinstead Scouts believed they were fully insured against two fires which gut­ted their H.Q. in March this year causing in the region of £50,000 worth of damage.

But now they have been told by an insurance com­pany that their headquarters was not insured at the time of the fires. For the past seven months the scout group, which was founded a year after scouting came to Bri­tain in 1908, has had to rely on the goodwill of other troops in the district. Its two cub packs, scout troop, sea-scout troop and ven­ture unit, which together involve 150 local children, have had to share the facilities of other groups or arrange activities in the open air.

Troubles began for the 1st East Grinstead scouts towards the end of last year when they asked a firm of brokers for new insurance. The brokers, Fennell, Turner and Taylor said they could get £50,000 insurance for the hall and £250,000 public liability cover for a premium of £125 a year.

Group scout secretary at that time was Mr Richard Cloake. He wrote to the broker accepting the quote. A cheque was sent and a receipt obtained. But it is alleged that repeated telephone requests to the brokers failed to produce a policy or a policy number. When the hall was gutted three months later the scouts sent a claim form to the brokers asking them to add the policy number.

A few days later a loss adjustor from the insurance company Federation General came to in­spect the damage but nothing more happened, say Scout leaders.