1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008


Finally the scouts phoned the insurance company direct. And said Mr Cloake: "Federation General told us we were not in­sured." The brokers claim to have sent off instructions but the insurance company says it never received them. The scouts have been advised to claim against the broker but to do so they now have to raise the money to fight an inevitably expensive legal battle.

They began a fund-raising ap­peal when the hall was gutted in March. But at the time neither the scouts nor the public were aware that there would be any problem in making an insurance claim. Now the Scouts chairman Mr Jeffrey Ellwood is launching a new appeal to raise money for the costs of a legal battle.

Transcript of East Grinstead Courier 4th November 1982

Brokers £30,000 offer to Scouts

A firm of insurance brokers said this week it had made an offer of £30,000 to the 1st East Grinstead Scout Group following the fires which wrecked the Scouts Moat Road HQ earlier this year.

A spokesman for the brokers solicitors, Mr Robert Hogarth said the offer had been made in writing to the scouts. It was made on the advice of solicitors but was subject to approval by the London firm of brokers Fennell, Turner and Taylor. Mr Hogarth said that the sum of £30,000 reflected the facts that particulars made by the scouts in respect of the construction of the building were wrong and that the building was not insured to its full value.

He said that the scouts would therefore only be entitled to a percentage of the sum insured. “The sum we are offering is what they would have been entitled too had the insurance company received the proposal Fennell Turner and Taylor sent off”, said Mr Hogarth

Scout chairman Mr Jeffrey Ellwood said the particulars given and the insurance value were matters of individual judgement. “We are naturally pleased to hear that this offer has been made and we will consider it, but we must be guided by our legal advice”