1st East Grinstead Scout Group
Centenary 1908 - 2008

Group Scout Leader Tony Wilkins is hoping to cut costs even more by encouraging local firms to supply other services and materials like wood for the floor, doors and skirting, catches for doors and windows, kitchen units, plaster and plaster board, electrical fittings, tiles and carpets, radiators and a central heating boiler. And he is hoping to enlist the help of parents and friends of the group to help with decorating and minor electrical carpentry and plumbing jobs

On behalf of the group's executive committee, Mr Mike Lewarne, passed on sincere thanks, "To our leaders and their teams of helpers for their real determination, since the fire, to keep the group together." For the past ten months the Scout group, one of the oldest in Britain, has had to rely heavily on the goodwill of other troops in the district. Its two Cub packs, Scout troop, sea-Scout troop, and venture unit, which together involve
150 local children, have had to share the facilities of other groups or arrange activities in the open air.

Now work on the new building will begin in February when the local firm C and H contractors puts up the first phase of the building which will begin as a brick shell and roof timbers.
Time limit
The first phase of the building has to be completed before the end of March to take advantage of the £5,300 grant from West Sussex Education Committee which was made subject to £21,000 or work being completed by then. The second phase of the building will involve the glazing, central heating, fitted kitchen, sanitary work, electrics, interior walls flooring and plumbing. To assist with finances for the second phase the Scouts have applied for a grant from the town council's lottery fund.

They also boosted the building fund with events in December, raising £400 from a Christmas fair and £220 by a draw. A further £150 was raised by the Ex Services Club with a sponsored darts tournament.

Transcript of East Grinstead Courier 3rd February 1983

Scouts in line for £2,000

The 1st East Grinstead “self help” Scouts are being recommended to get a £2,000 gift from the town’s lottery fund by East Grinstead Town Council’s  Finance and General Purposes Committee.

At Thursday’s committee meeting it was reported that the scouts insurance claim made after the fire which destroyed their Moat Road headquarters a year ago had been settled rebuilding costs were estimated at over £60,000.